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Association Membership

Are you coping with those complex cases social care are struggling to accept? Are you navigating those s47 enquiries confidently? Are you getting the support you need to manage those difficult cases and help your team at the same time? 

The current circumstances are showing that there is an increasing number of occasions/cases where you are being asked to manage ever more complex and difficult cases. These may be at s47 level or higher, but you remain the lead professional. Many cases are often held by you as social services do not accept your referral or there is a delay in acceptance.

This is difficult water to navigate. Those cases may make up 20% of your case load but they take up 80% of your time.

The lockdown situation is only making the situation more difficult. The divorce rate is up 42%. There has been a substantial increase in domestic abuse and loneliness over the last 4 months has exposed thousands of children to grooming and online harm. Children who were never at risk of harm are now suffering. This means that as children return to education and activities outside of the family home, there will be a substantial increase in the number of disclosures and referrals.

Social care is already struggling to cope. That means there will be a longer delay in cases being accepted by way of referral, if at all. There is a strong chance that the only cases to be accepted will be the most serious.

That means more cases left in that top 20% of your case load.

The Association membership offers you an opportunity to work with an outside professional to support you in managing those 20% of cases. Together we will ensure you don’t second guess your actions. I will help you navigate these complex cases with confidence and certainty so you regain control of your time and focus on supporting your staff and students.

We’re here to support you when you have a problem, a safeguarding query or question.

We’re here to help you keep up-to-date with the latest safeguarding and child protection guidance.

We’re here to save you time and worry.

Whether it’s the latest resource, research or honing your peripheral vision with training, the Safeguarding Association is there so that you and your team can:

Have those ‘what if’ conversations with trusted professionals;

Access monthly 1-1 sessions with a trusted external professional

Stay up-to-date with the latest safeguarding & child protection guidance;

Meet requirements regarding ongoing safeguarding & child protection training;

Talk to your peers when you need them;

Show you go the extra mile to support and help children and young people you work with.

“I feel I am more ready to become part of the safeguarding team and be an active member. … I have learnt a huge amount from everyone – thank you.”


Why do we need it?

As part of our community, you’ll always have a place of safety. You’ll be kept aware of legal and practice updates and ensure your knowledge on wider issues is current. And you’ll have a safe space to raise your questions and queries, legal or otherwise.

Members of the Safeguarding Academy benefit from:

Expert Led Webinar Training

Once a month, Association founder and safeguarding expert Kate Young leads a 60-minute webinar to keep members updated on the latest developments in the Safeguarding arena. Helping to hone your peripheral vision on issues which will affect your practice.

Monthly Group Discussion

Once a month, join us for an hour-long group chat via Zoom, where we discuss this month’s webinar topic, and you have a chance to speak with Kate, and your fellow Association members to talk about any issues which may have arisen for you. You can pop in for 5 minutes or stay for the duration. If you don’t want to use your camera, you can attend by audio only if you so wish. 

Our Online Community

Being an independent expert can be a lonely business. Join our community of specialists and experts, share ideas and learn from each other in our private members hub and members-only update sessions both on and offline.


The broad range of topics we cover via monthly webinars helps hone your peripheral vision outside of your specialism (but still relevant to your work).

1-1 Support

Every month you’ll have the chance to book a 1-1 session with Kate.  You can use these as informal supervision or to discuss issues where you would like individual support or guidance.

Our Charter

Safeguarding impacts all areas of practice. By joining the Safeguarding Association you are showing your commitment to our Members Charter which proudly places safeguarding at the heart of everything we do.

“The scenarios are great to work through and discuss. I am now more confident to start dealing with safeguarding issues and support safeguarding team in the college. Thank you, much appreciated.”

Join now for instant access to:

  • Our library of webinar recordings
  • Our online community of fellow independent professionals
  • Kate’s diary so you can book in your first 1-1

Individual membership:

£497 for annual membership

£49 for monthly membership