Helping Higher and Further Education organisations meet their legal (and moral) safeguarding obligations…

….so their Designated Safeguarding Leads can sleep at night.


Bit of a sleep-sucker isn’t it?

Lots to worry about.

  • Preventing radicalisation
  • Safeguarding of ‘Adults at risk’
  • Recognising signs of domestic abuse 
  • Meeting OFSTED safeguarding requirements when offering Degree Apprenticeships
  • Implications of inviting under-18s on site for entertainment, educational or promotional events

Not the sort of thing you can chat over with your partner, friend or hairdresser.

So who can you talk to when these things come up?

Especially when you need more than a listening ear – you ALSO need expert guidance.

Let me help you with that.

Hi, I’m Kate, the founder of The Safeguarding Leaders Hub.

I have a law degree, 15 years experience working in family justice and safeguarding, with 7 years experience working with universities.

Safeguarding is more than an Annual Review to check your policies are up-to-date

It’s anticipating things that will impact the safety and well-being of your students.And it’s recognising and responding to any issues you weren’t able to prevent.

Struggling through and learning on the job is’t really an option.

Not when the safety of students is at stake, and the reputation of your organisation.

So I created The Safeguarding Leaders Hub to help Designated Safeguarding Leads meet their obligations (legal and moral).


As part of a community of peers, you’ll always have a place of safety. You’ll be kept aware of legal and practice updates and ensure your knowledge on wider issues is current.

You’ll get access to experienced professionals to ask those vital ‘what if’ questions to give you peace of mind at the most trying of times during the monthly Safeguarding Sounding Board or your 1-1.

You will also have access to:

–       Monthly online training –       Monthly interviews with trusted experts
–       Monthly 1-1 sessions with Kate Young –       Member only training days
–       Member prices for in-house training –       Weekly safeguarding updates
–       Monthly Safeguarding Sounding Boards –       Online forum to share your skills and ask questions


Join the Safeguarding Leaders Hub if…

“…you want relevant up to date information and want to engage with people in a similar role as yourself.” 

Joanna – MAT DSL 


“…you appreciate the provision of up to date information and access to many and varied resources”

Karen – University DSL