Safeguarding Leaders Hub Membership

Do you work with tertiary education aged young people? 

Do you feel frustrated when navigating safeguarding issues?

Do you want a safe place for guidance and support as a DSL?

You are not alone.

The Safeguarding Leaders Hub (from the Safeguarding Association) recognises the work you do and the important role you play in keeping young people safe. 

Together we can share specialist knowledge, skills and best practice.

The Safeguarding Leaders Hub will help you navigate your complex cases with confidence and certainty. 

We’re here to support you when you have a problem, a safeguarding query or question.

We’re here to help you keep up-to-date with the latest safeguarding and child protection guidance & where this fits with older teens and young adults.

We’re here to save you time and worry.

Whether it’s the latest resource, research or honing your peripheral vision with training, the Safeguarding Leaders Hub is there so that you and your team can:

Have those ‘what if’ conversations with trusted professionals;

Stay up-to-date with the latest safeguarding & child protection guidance;

Access monthly 1-1 sessions with a trusted external professional 

Meet requirements regarding ongoing safeguarding & child protection training;

Talk to your peers when you need them;

Show you go the extra mile to support and help children and young people you work with.


You should join the Safeguarding Leaders Hub if…

“…you want relevant up to date information and want to engage with people in a similar role as yourself.”

Joanna – MAT DSL 


“…you appreciate the provision of up to date information and access to many and varied resources”

Karen – University DSL

Why do we need it?

There is an increasing number of occasions/cases where you are being asked to manage ever more complex and difficult cases. The pandemic, working from home, managing your team are ever more difficult and stressful. Local Authorities struggle to give you clear guidance for issues affecting your students: they are over-stretched and often don’t understand the complicated situation you are in. 

This is difficult water to navigate.

The lockdown situation is only making the situation more difficult. The divorce rate is up 42%. There has been a substantial increase in domestic abuse and loneliness over the last 4 months has exposed thousands of young people to grooming and online harm. Young people who were never at risk of harm are now suffering.

Social care is struggling to cope. That means there will be a longer delay in cases being accepted by way of referral, if at all. There is a strong chance that the only cases to be accepted will be the most serious.

Safeguarding carries with it huge operational risk. Your safeguarding practices are ever increasingly scrutinised by Inspectors, Governing Bodies and Commissioners. Since April 2021 Ofsted have been inspecting all Institutions offering apprenticeships, regardless of level. UKVI are also taking a keen interest in safeguarding practices across institutions. Safeguarding is one area where you cannot afford to strip back resources and must invest time and energy into ensuring compliance across your organisation.

The Safeguarding Leaders Hub is here to:

–  help you embed your safeguarding practices across your organisation

– provide support when you are managing emotionally difficult cases

– inform you of legislation, practice and guidance changes

– support you when dealing with cases involving LADO, Whistleblowing or internal investigations 

Additional Membership Benefits:

Expert Led Webinar Training

Once a month, Safeguarding Association founder and safeguarding expert Kate Young leads a 60-minute webinar to keep members updated on the latest developments in the Safeguarding arena. Helping to hone your peripheral vision on issues which will affect your practice.

Fortnightly Group Discussion

Once a month, join us for an hour-long group chat via Teams, where we discuss this month’s webinar topic, and you have a chance to speak with Kate, and your fellow Leaders Hub members to talk about any issues which may have arisen for you. You can pop in for 5 minutes or stay for the duration. If you don’t want to use your camera, you can attend by audio only if you so wish.

Our Online Community

Being a Designated Safeguarding Lead can be a lonely business. Join our community of specialists and experts, share ideas and learn from each other in the Leaders hub and members-only update sessions both on and offline.


The broad range of topics we cover via monthly webinars helps hone your peripheral vision outside of your specialism (but still relevant to your work).

1-1 Support

Every month, leads will have the chance to book a 1-1 session with Kate.  You can use these as informal supervision or to discuss issues where you would like individual support or guidance.

Our Charter

Safeguarding impacts all areas of practice. By joining the Safeguarding Leaders Hub you are showing your commitment to our Members Charter which proudly places safeguarding at the heart of everything you do.

“Kate has a wide range of knowledge and I’m sure if you have a question you can’t answer I’m sure she will

Join now for access to:

  • Monthly trainings (satisfy Ofsted of updating requirements)
  • Fortnightly members meeting on Teams
  • Leads access 1-1 (satisfying requirement for supervision – not case based)
  • Organisations access discounts on in-house training
  • Priority access to DSL refresher training
  • Regular safeguarding updates
  • Regular discussions with SMEs

Apply for Safeguarding Leaders Hub Membership

Organisation (up to two safeguarding leads) – £4,500 p.a. plus VAT

Or book a call to discuss the Leaders Hub with Kate and find out if it’s a good fit for you